I’m Melissa Hawks. I’m a writer.an editor.a thinker.a dreamer.a builder.
I weave words. I tell tales. I choose Light.


You should know that if we meet I’ll probably fall in love with you and your story. You’ve been warned.

People and stories; you’re my greatest loves…besides pie. I was gifted with a wild imagination so if you stick me in a room with a book or a group of Someones, I’ll never get bored.

For the record, you are all Someones.

I learned early that if I’m willing to listen, humans want to tell their stories. People say, “The craziest things happen to you,” but crazy things happen to you too. I want to know them. Tell your story. Tell it to get it out. Tell it so someone else can have the courage to say, “me too” and be set free from their own prison. Tell your story so many times it no longer has power over you.

Take my hand. Let’s figure out how to live a better love story together…


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