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Feed Me Pie and Hold Me Up

I’ve been feeling restless this week. The kind of restless that climbs into your bones and settles there…waiting and watching — holing up like a rattlesnake poising to strike out out at some unsuspecting human walking by. My restlessness doesn’t inject poison; it’s just full of feels. This happens every once in awhile. A tidal… Continue reading

Screwing Up Is Part of the Program

“This is either going to be the most beautiful thing ever or utterly TERRIBLE,” I tell her. My fingerless gloves are covered in glitter. My nails are stained a ghastly shade somewhere between sage and forest and somehow my cuticles have little dots of cerulean speckling them. I’m thirty-three and I still haven’t learned how… Continue reading

Hiking Buddies: Yarby and the Mechanical Bull

It’s 7:11 am and my text reads, “You doing okay? I had a dream.” It could have been one of multitudes we’ve sent back and forth in the past couple years which simply ask the question, “you yet holdin’ on?” Yarby’s reply was immediate and assured me he was doing well. “Was it the one… Continue reading

The Perfect Pie

“The sexiest words a man can say are ‘I saved the last piece of pie for you,” my conviction was unshakable. He laughed. And then informed me that he didn’t make pie. Only pancakes. I grimaced. We had spent the previous three months getting to know one another; a slow motion dance spinning forward, one… Continue reading