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The Two Date Rule and Why I’m Done With It

I have a lot of rules. An utterly ridiculous amount of rules. Last night I was having a conversation with someone and mentioned the way I was raised — an extremely conservative evangelical upbringing — with….yep, you guessed it A LOT OF RULES. “I’m not there anymore,” I said, “But I guess I make up… Continue reading

Good Southern Men

“Good Southern men are slow movers,” Jason said between drinks of his miso soup. We were sitting in a hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant reputed to be one of Nashville’s best. A drunken tourist behind us interrupted loudly to ask the table across the way what their thoughts were on Broadway. “Should it be DONE?” The visible… Continue reading

Welcome to Pleasantville…

I’m soaking up the sunlight glittering through the twelve windows in the room we’ve unimaginatively named “The Sunroom.” The birds are hollering back and forth as the wind sends crisp brown and golden leaves to cover the still green grass right outside the sliding glass doors. The same breeze is also gently nudging the rope… Continue reading

How My Family Helped Me Rebuild

This morning I sat with my family around the table at our favorite diner and talked for an extra hour after we’d finished breakfast. There was a lot of laughter. I had two dates this week and though I hadn’t thought much about it, they were horrified to learn I’d paid for each of them…. Continue reading

Don’t Let Me Down

I don’t know when showing up became so important to me. I watch your lips moving I see the words taking shape But love’s like a language I cannot translate I can’t afford to be careless And let you in I turn my head for one minute And lose everything Maybe it was Bedlam that… Continue reading

The Lion, the Key, and the Light

“Today is the first day of Diwali,” my texts to the two of them read. It was last Wednesday and I was on my way to the airport. “It’s a Festival of Lights which celebrates light overcoming darkness and divine overcoming demonic and it begins today.” In a few hours, I would get off the… Continue reading

Welcome to the Land of Tuesday

Once upon a time…I imagined myself to be a poet. I wrote terribly earnest and overwrought words. And well, a little bit of that still runs in my blood. About ten years ago, I began to write poetry consistently and became consumed with the idea of something I called, “The Land of Tuesday.” I used… Continue reading

The Revelation of You

Tinder is probably not the best response to your therapist telling you, “Melissa, you need to learn how to small talk.” It was early January of this year and we were discussing my need to invite intimacy into my relationships in a slower fashion, when she had pointed out that I was not very skilled… Continue reading

Feed Me Pie and Hold Me Up

I’ve been feeling restless this week. The kind of restless that climbs into your bones and settles there…waiting and watching — holing up like a rattlesnake poising to strike out out at some unsuspecting human walking by. My restlessness doesn’t inject poison; it’s just full of feels. This happens every once in awhile. A tidal… Continue reading

Hiking Buddies: Yarby and the Mechanical Bull

It’s 7:11 am and my text reads, “You doing okay? I had a dream.” It could have been one of multitudes we’ve sent back and forth in the past couple years which simply ask the question, “you yet holdin’ on?” Yarby’s reply was immediate and assured me he was doing well. “Was it the one… Continue reading