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This Is My Exit

I think I’m about done with dating. I thought you’d want to know seeing as how it might affect you at some point. I mean, how am I supposed to meet you if I’m not dating? My writer mind immediately writes one hundred stories in response to that question. I try to ignore them. Micah… Continue reading

Love Is More Thicker Than Forget

“I feel like I’ve met you before.” The feelings I was experiencing were inconsistent with knowing someone for less than twenty-four hours. “You have,” he responded, “Don’t you remember? St. Andrew’s Church. 1942. You said you would write to me.” His eyes were twinkling and I felt a tiny panic inside. Was he serious? Did… Continue reading

Sea Glass and Saying Yes

I dreamed about you again last night. We were standing in the middle of a street in the city and I was using my phone to take images of a building. It had a series of arches which went on endlessly and the cerulean sky echoed out behind it. As I paused to look around,… Continue reading

Good Morning, Love

Good Morning, Love… I’m thinking about you while I sit at the kitchen table eating my gummy vitamins, drinking Emergen-C from my “That Shit You Wrote Is Beautiful” mug, and listening to Ryne singing about his love being on her way. Btws, she got to him. I just saw on Instagram he got engaged the… Continue reading

The Pirate Who Stole My Heart

You need to grieve the stories of what might have been. There. I said it. Ronne and I have discussed this a lot in the past. I’ve been working so hard to be present these past few months and I’ve been doing a pretty damn good job at it. I’m learning how to hold those… Continue reading

The Two Date Rule and Why I’m Done With It

I have a lot of rules. An utterly ridiculous amount of rules. Last night I was having a conversation with someone and mentioned the way I was raised — an extremely conservative evangelical upbringing — with….yep, you guessed it A LOT OF RULES. “I’m not there anymore,” I said, “But I guess I make up… Continue reading

Spill the Wine

I think I swiped right mostly on Daniel because his pictures gave not even one f—. He sat in front of a tent in one, legs propped up on a rock, food in hand, staring down the camera with humor, his thick black framed glasses hiding his eyes. There weren’t any wide smiles in these… Continue reading

The Whiskey Pick-Up Line and the Prayer

“I write love stories,” I told him. “All stories are love stories, my dear,” was his response. One of my best friends, Micah, always says, “Your life is a movie,” and this conversation felt like one of those moments. This was not one of the Hallmark movies my mother had been forcing me to watch… Continue reading

I’m Just Here For the Cheeseburger

“Are you excited about meeting the Ginger?” The text popped up on my phone from Kevin as my car sped along the rainy highway. I was a little bit tired, the remnants of a two day migraine which had finally ran it’s course left me feeling hungover, and my stomach was making loud growling noises… Continue reading

Other Side Days

November is almost over, Love… Shall we dance for that? This isn’t going to be one of those letters where I have little tiny details to gently walk us into it. We’re going in headfirst and it’s a bit of a cesspool. This week was hard. And long. But today is Sunday and we get… Continue reading