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Sea Glass and Saying Yes

I dreamed about you again last night. We were standing in the middle of a street in the city and I was using my phone to take images of a building. It had a series of arches which went on endlessly and the cerulean sky echoed out behind it. As I paused to look around,… Continue reading

Other Side Days

November is almost over, Love… Shall we dance for that? This isn’t going to be one of those letters where I have little tiny details to gently walk us into it. We’re going in headfirst and it’s a bit of a cesspool. This week was hard. And long. But today is Sunday and we get… Continue reading

Love Experiment #57: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This is a part of a series of letters I write to my one day great love. Yep. I’m that earnest. You are too. That’s why you’re reading this. <3 Darling man, This morning I wish I could reach over and and tangle my leg with yours, feeling your warmth while I write these words…. Continue reading

I Have Enough Pictures Without You In Them

Hi. Are you thinking of me? Because this morning has me feeling you. You’re out there; so close I can almost feel your hand on mine as I begin to write this morning. It’s odd to feel you so near and not even know your name. But you’re there. I know it. I know you…. Continue reading

Dear John

You were always afraid I’d be bigger than you. I never cared much either way. Being famous isn’t something I’ve ever longed for, but for you it was oxygen. You sucked it in greedily, as though it were the only thing in your world which truly mattered. I guess with your pursuit of it, I… Continue reading