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I’m Taking A Break For Secret Reasons

Two weeks ago I sat in the Nashville airport, my well-worn boots propped against a concrete wall near the window looking out over the empty runway and a gloomy sky. In my lap sat a bright turquoise journal with the word “Write” scrawled on its front cover in gold leaf lettering, a present from my friend,… Continue reading

The Lion, the Key, and the Light

“Today is the first day of Diwali,” my texts to the two of them read. It was last Wednesday and I was on my way to the airport. “It’s a Festival of Lights which celebrates light overcoming darkness and divine overcoming demonic and it begins today.” In a few hours, I would get off the… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Expiration Dates

When I was in sixth grade, I informed my middle school guidance counselor which college I planned to attend and that I was going to graduate a year early from high school. They looked at my little, earnest befreckled face and said, “Our school district doesn’t doesn’t allow students to graduate early.” I smiled politely, folded… Continue reading

November Whisper

Last night I got worried because I hadn’t written anything in an entire week. I’ve spent the past month writing every day and working on this book and telling the stories of other people. This week I read good words and underlined the work of other writers and lost myself in Archaeology and travel magazines and West… Continue reading