Once upon a time…I imagined myself to be a poet.

I wrote terribly earnest and overwrought words. And well, a little bit of that still runs in my blood. About ten years ago, I began to write poetry consistently and became consumed with the idea of something I called, “The Land of Tuesday.” I used it in a multitude of poems as an extremely unsubtle metaphor to describe the time of week when this English teacher from a local junior high would stop by my desk at the library and flirt. Yes, yes, I am very clever.

I think we might have had a moment. Then he took a trip to Europe and things got busy and our schedules never quite worked out. I loaned him my grey and brown first edition copy of Roald Dahl’s, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my comfort book I still read multiple times a year, and he returned it with a kind note tucked inside the front cover. We discussed La Dolce Vita and he asked for my number and said we should see it sometime. And I wrote countless poems recounting these minor encounters because I didn’t know how to say, “hey, maybe we should just have coffee.”

Here is one example of my truly terrible and dramatic works:

Awkward Penance

Talking me

out of you

has (of late) become

the awkward penance of

my rebellious heart


i traverse

the incorrigible list of diversity

(mine and yours)



spicy cold pizza for me

nutritious (and nasty!) grapefruit for you



me all decked out in a scarlet letter (the 18th one instead of A)

you as blue as Ella’s husky voice discussing impending dark clouds



i flushed my sole responsibility when his fin began to disintegrate

you (horror of horrors) own man’s best friend


The file thickens with

every anticipated encounter

Then, you create a list of your own

naming it “ways to amaze her”

and proceed to topsy turvy me


Starting with

your penchant for numerous repetitive viewings of Roman Holiday

Higher shock value…

you’re literate

thoughts ideas memories of passages

flow through

those bewildering lips


you know my heroine Jane

and your opinion of her works leaves

myself wordless


My overactive mind soon casts


with you in the starring role

a linen suit

blue Vespa

the Coliseum

and me…


arms full of reasons why not

tossing them to the wind

climbing on behind you

to take off

into the slightly cliched but dazzling and all too uncertain sunset

Well, kids. I definitely win the angsty/emo AF prize. YOU GUYS. I THOUGHT I WAS A REPUBLICAN. Also, *monkey with hands over eyes emoji,* that is probably the most embarrassing thing I will ever show you. Also, I was obsessed with e e cummings; hence the lack of punctuation and odd capitalization. Anyway, I thought back to this poem and the idea of the Land of Tuesday because I wanted a way to share some of my favorite things with you. Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Roman Holiday and terrible poetry and old angsty love stories. Also, I love promoting the work of my crew and friends and random strangers who create things that I am in the midst of obsessing about. So, without further adieu, welcome to the inside of my brain and….

The Land of Tuesday….

Song of the Week by Sarah Hurst (h/t Ronne for the suggestion): 

Favorite Video of the Week from Kevin Garcia

image by Ronne Rock

image by Ronne Rock

Favorite Blogposts of the week:  

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Burt’s Bees Niagra Outlook Lip Crayon

Beauty Product Obsession (which is crazy because I’m super low maintenance):

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Niagra Outlook — also, Napa Vineyard for a more intense look. These are great because they don’t bleed, they’re moisturizing, and they’re basically idiot-proof. Which people like me need, because generally I end up with lipstick in all the places I never wanted it. Like my teeth. Or my forehead, looking like a wound gaping open. (Yeah. That def happened.)

Current Media Consumption:

Netflix: Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, read about it in this article from The Atlantic

Lessons I am currently learning this week:

Make choices in the present, not based on what you think the future will be. Be present. Don’t write your future story before it even happens. ALSO, discussions are not arguments. Not all conflict is equal. Not all conflict is bad. You can have different opinions from someone you love and everyone can still love each other.


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  1. Emmersto

    I do hope that Roman Holiday is in reference to the most stunning Audrey Hepburn film, the most subtly sexy romantic motion picture :)!


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