I’ve always been a little unsure of love.

I’ve been curious about it and fascinated by it. Mostly I’ve been wary of it. I’ve gone all in and head over heels. I’ve belly flopped into love and ran from it and disappeared inside it and tried to find myself within it’s boundaries. But I’ve never understood. As dramatic as I am, though I love shimmery eye shadow and paisley strapless dresses with worn-in leather boots and Latin American poets who wax on about the shape of a woman’s body — I also like science and things to make sense and to have a cause and effect. I like them to be testable, provable — and love, well, it doesn’t make much sense most days.

How many mornings do you wake up and decide today you’ll run from love?

I feel that way almost every day. Maybe it’s too complex. Too frustrating. It’s actions aren’t definable. They don’t follow a pattern. I can not quantify them. Love’s analytics are a mess and running — running is easy.

This playlist is the story of learning to stand still. It is a call and response. Fear asks questions and love answers them until fear can no longer speak. It is a slow walk towards. A gentle fall up has and is occurring. Take my hand. We will be still in the face of love, with all its crazy. We’re going to learn this winter lesson. This time we’re going to stay.

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