“You just need to sleep,” Christi said yesterday. She was right. I was tired. I also needed food and yoga and ritual, all the things that relight my fire. I was a grumpy pain in the ass last night. This change of seasons has been especially hard, the in-betweeness of it all, the chill in the air. No part of me liked it.

This morning upon waking I felt everything shift. Or maybe it was just me. Maybe I’m accepting the blurry edges of what’s unfolding instead of forcing it into a shape I’m familiar with. It’s amazing how letting go sets you free.

I looked at myself in the mirror and whispered, “But, you love Fall.” I do. Autumn by the ocean is something that gets all the way into the crevices of your soul. l threw on my leather jacket, grabbed a hot drink, and danced in the car to my new playlist, yelling out the words, “WHEN I DRINK TEQUILA.”

If you’re cold, chase warmth. If you’re unsure, dance with the flames anyway. Be the slow burn that stays lit.

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