There is more than enough. There is plenty.
I wrote these words in October of 2017, surrounded by candles and the one household object I had besides a mattress — a mirror made from an old gas station pump that had made its way with me from Nashville to the ocean. My house and my soul were running on empty and I knew I needed to find a way to fill them both with beauty. I’ve spent every moment of the time since then doing exactly that. Somehow, through all that building, those words have come to possess deeper meaning.
There are moments when I find myself thinking and acting in ways which reflect my fear of not having enough. I pour into myself daily with healthy food, movement, sacred practice, community, creativity, and knowledge. I am continually filling my own cup. The thought, “if I share this or give it to someone else, there won’t be enough for me,” is a reminder that I’m still acting from a place of lack.  When I share what I have with those in my life who need it, I’m acting from a place of abundance. Regardless of what you call it, karma, the golden rule, or the mysterious way the universe or your god works, giving because you have means there’s more space for you to receive.
Awhile back,I had a conversation with good friend about my financial goals. I told her that in the next few years I want to be able to invest in women — in their dreams. As I talked about how I want to support women who are building the life they want, she reminded me that it’s something I’m already doing with my other resources. I can’t afford to invest a lot of money right now, but I have experience and knowledge to share. I have time to give. I can offer of my abundance. 
So, here’s what I have to give…if you’re a woman with a small business, start-up, creative project, or non-profit who’d like a strategic consultation with me, it’s yours. No cost. Just having a conversation about dreams and intentions and a plan to get there. Tell me your dream. Let’s build your abundance.

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